The 2020 Plan

Building a Republican Electorate through science

“We must fight with every new tool we have available. When the battlefield changes, we must adapt to win. Please allow me to recommend one new way to succeed: Supporting Valor America SuperPAC. I ask that you donate generously.” — Newt Gingrich (Read Full Letter)


The 2020 election is critical.

There is no way around it – 2020 will not be easy to win. 


That’s why we’re launching a unique and powerful research strategy for 2019. We have a large knowledge base about the upper Midwest and working-class voters that we will expand on in 2019/2020. If President Trump keeps the states he won in 2016, but loses Pennsylvania (won by +1.2 points), Michigan (won by +0.3 points), and Wisconsin (won by +1 points), we lose. If Trump wins just one of those states, we win. 

We will be launching a tracking poll and series of experiments for these three crucial states that will provide us with the most powerful, detailed voter data ever seen. We will test messaging as we go, and continually update our machine learning algorithms to precisely predict which voters need to be persuaded, kept on the team, or given extra encouragement to turn out and vote. You can be a part of winning 2020. And as we update our knowledge about these voters, you will have access to the most exclusive and sophisticated information about 2020 there is. 


our specialty

Our specialty is discovering and investing in strategies that the Republican Party and establishment consultant class don’t see. We can do that because we use gold-standard testing and state of the art machine learning techniques to make sure we’ll get a return on our efforts. 



Rarely in life do we get a chance to bring a new weapon to the field of battle. This is such an important moment… I ask that you donate generously.”

Newt Gingrich (Read Full Letter)


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